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Aqua Cow-Rise-System by Kirby patent pending.

With an Aqua-Cow-Rise-System, you can float a down-cow back on it's legs harmlessly without using any kind of clamps, belts or chains, which often only hurt the cow and the cow will work against it. The Aqua Cow is a natural way to get a cow back upon it's legs using warm water.

Complete Unit Standard Includes

  Dragmat Ramp
  Trailer w/Wheels and P215/15 Ply Tires
  Drain Plug
  Winch (for pulling animal in)
  Standard Steel Doors On End of Unit

Unit Specifications Without Trailer

Overall Length 95"
Overall Width 52"
Overall Height 54"
Water Capacity 850 GAL Without Animal

Unit Specifications With Trailer

Overall Length 154"
Overall Width 76"
Overall Height 60"

Optional Equipment

  • Aluminum Doors 

  • Canopy Braces  

  • Feed Trough     

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