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With creative engineering backed by quality components and construction, Kirby Manufacturing Incorporated is the only choice when it comes to purchasing a heavy duty Vertical Feed Mixer. The following features come standard with each Kirby Vertical Mixer:

Energy Efficient Auger DesignAll Kirby vertical augers are made from heavy duty, extra thick, 80,000psi tensile strength steel plate material.  This material guaranties the owner a long and useful auger life.  The geometry of the auger flighting is engineered for minimum power demand (HP), therefore reducing the overall wear on the equipment, as well as, reducing the owner’s reoccurring operating costs.

Heavy-Duty Mixing Chamber – All Kirby vertical mixing chambers are constructed from the highest of quality materials. All tub components are fabricated from 80,000psi tensile strength steel. The floors, walls and doors are made extra thick to support the heavy loads. Since Kirby standardize its tub design, all tubs are designed to meet the demands of our largest mixer. All stainless steel lined mixers are designed with extra thick stainless steel to give the end-user those extra years of use that they demand when purchasing a mixer.

Proven Hydrostatic Drive System – The Kirbyhydrostatic drive system” is a proven power system that offers both simplicity in design and the robustness necessary to meet the rigorous demands of the cattle feeding industry. All Kirbyhydrostatic drive systems” are complimented by “two speed” hydraulic motors that “automatically” shift between low and high speed. This “automatically” shifting action is driven by the mixer’s power demand. At the start of mixing a feed batch, the motors/augers will be in high speed. This higher speed action ensures a quick, uniform and efficient cutting of all roughage material.  As more ingredients are added to the mixer, the pressure in the hydraulic system will increase.  At a pre-set pressure, the motors/augers will “automatically” shift to low speed.  This lower speed allows the mixer to mix even the largest of loads with ease, while still producing a thoroughly mixed TMR ration and at the same time minimizes damage to the more fragile ingredients.  This “automatic” shifting down action also reduces the overall power requirements of the mixer, therefore, once again reducing the owner’s reoccurring operating costs.  When discharging the feed from mixer, the mixer will “automatically” shift to high speed when the system’s operating pressure is below the pre-set pressure.  This higher speed will help assist with a fast and uniform clean-out of the mixer chamber.

Proven Mechanical Drive System – The Kirby “mechanical drive system” is a robust power train that is engineering to give the end-user years of trouble free usage.   The Kirby mechanical drive system has two configurations; one being a direct drive and the other being a “shift-able” two speed drive system.  Either configuration is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the cattle feeding industry.  All drive systems are equipped with shear bolts that act as “fail safe” devices to protect against costly drive component failures.

Robust Running Gear - The Kirby “running gear” on all trailer mounted mixers are design for the most demanding of applications.  All frames are engineered to accept the weight loads that are put upon them.  Each individual component (axles, wheels, tires, etc.) is evaluated to ensure that it meets/exceeds the loading requirement for each application.

Accurate Feed Weighing System - All Kirby vertical mixers have the ability to be fitted a wide variety of scales form all the industry leaders.  The design of the Kirby weighing system utilizes “load cells” rather that “weigh bars between the mixing chamber and the transport frame.  This load cell mounting method measures only the true downward load created by the change in weight of the produce being loaded into the mixer.  By design, the load cells are less sensitive to registering any of the false side loads that are generated when a mixer is rocking back and forth during operations.  This difference is just one of many keys to the superior accuracy of the Kirby weighing system.


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Stationary Vertical Mixer, Model LP 800 - LP 1400, Click Here!Stationary Vertical Mixer, Model LP 800 - LP 1400, Click Here!

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